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Hear what some of our parents have said about the Central Park learning experience

My child studied in this school 2 years and was part of the first set of students.

The school is run with a lot of passsion, hard work and understanding of child development.

Early changes were visibile in first 60 days.

School is a great mix of western learning and asian discipline.

Cannot thank enough.
Dheeraj Singh
Viraj’s Dad
Choosing Central Park as the first school for our son is the best decision we ever made. He joined Little Rangers 2 when he was 2 years old. At the beginning, as every child does, he was reluctant of going to school. But after some weeks and thanks to the love and support of the teachers, he enjoyed so much his time at Central Park.

He has not only had fun, but learned so much about the different projects he has been part of. We love the familiar environment of the school and the closeness of the staff. We always knew he was in the best hands!
Raquel Plaza
Martin’s Mom
Our son Aariz has been at Central Park School for over a year. We are very pleased with the school , the teachers and all the staff. Central Park School really is a very big family and every child feels welcome and special. From the moment they walk in the morning the children are greeted with a warm welcome at the entrance and the teachers and staff maintain that enthusiasm and positivity throughout the day.

The school is continuously finding new and innovative ways to make learning fun and interesting for the children. The ensure that the children get to experience the things that they are learning about with excursions, projects and school visits The teachers go out of the way to ensure that no child gets left behind and that the learning and play environment is safe and comfortable for the children. The personal attention to detail is truly exemplary and admirable.

We hope that the Central Park School will continue to put smiles on the faces of young children and we hope that with Angela's hard work the school will grow into a premier International School in Yangon
Azizah Ali
Aariz's Mom
My daughter attended the Central Park Preschool and had a great learning experience.

When I first visited the preschool, I was impressed by the warm, bright atmosphere and friendly teachers. I knew it was suitable for my daughter. The atmosphere and learning environment are perfect for all children and teachers encourages the children with a kind, professional and child-centered approach.

Central Park Preschool addresses the educational needs of each child as well as their social-emotional wellbeing. The preschool gave her a solid foundation on her early childhood. She learned how to resolve the conflict and get along together in harmony. It was a pleasure seeing my daughter developing and progressing in preschool.

I couldn’t speak more highly of this great preschool. We love it and would highly recommend Central Park Preschool.
Mia Cho
Eunsol’s Mom
One of the best decision I have ever made in my life. My daughter was in Pre-K and she has improved so much in one year. We loved it!♡
Win Htut Tara
Kaythra’s Mom
School is lovely. Atmosphere is lively. Curriculum is interesting. Teachers are caring. Students seem to love each other.
Thone Dri Ko
Angel’s Aunt